Thursday, May 14, 2015

Social Group for Seniors

Good morning all.

Last night AltaGolden hosted our monthly support group.  A gentleman who attended talked about his loneliness and feeling of isolation now that his wife is no longer living with him.  I told him that I would reach out to some of our clients that might value a new friend. 

After he left I realized that perhaps when I need to do is to start a social group for older adults that have lost their partner in one way or another. Please give me a call if you would be interested in coming to a social group to meet people and establish new friendships. If we get enough interest I will start the group.

Laura Barish

Saying goodbye to a special client

Good morning all.  AltaGolden works with a lot of incredible people but every once in a while someone truly special walks into our loves.  Fred was one of those people.

Fred came to us because he was dealing with moderate dementia and had severe breathing issues due to lung disease.  We helped him at home and he came to our Adult Day Program.  Fred was one of the kindest people I have ever known.  He married his wife 50+ years ago and raised her three young children (from her first marriage) as his own.  He adored all of them and was greatly adored by them in return.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving Fred from the Memory Center and I asked him what he did that day. He replied that they learned how to grow things and that he went to the bathroom several times--and that was probably the most important thing. Then he cracked up.  He looked over at me and said, "you know, there are times you guys are driving me home and all I'm doing is thinking to myself, 'hurry, hurry!'" At that point t we both lost it.

This Monday Fred's daughter called me to let me know that Fred passed away Sunday night.  We all loved Fred so much and his great humor, kindness, and grace will be missed by all.  Fred was one of those rare human beings who bless everyone by his mere presence.

So farewell to you, our good friend and ...

Fair winds and following seas,
may forever you feel, upon your cheek, the salty breeze.
Your spirit lives on in many a heart,
your words captured, and never to depart.
May your loved ones have the comfort in knowing,
to heaven is where you are going.
For all that they have to do is look above,
and they will be reminded of your love.

May your days also be blessed by a 'Fred'.

Have a wonderful day filled with joy and gratitude.

Laura Barish
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