Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Good morning readers.  I just got a scam call and I want to make you aware of it so that you may caution your friends and loved ones.  The call came from a blocked number from a gentleman claiming that my "windows" computer is sending error codes to his server and that it is very critical.  I thought this was very funny because I don't have a windows computer, but I played along. 

It got to the point where I said to him that he was calling from a blocked number and, because of his accent, was probably calling from India and this all sounded like a scam.  He hung up, which was my indication that indeed it was a scam.

We didn't get far enough into the conversation for me to find out what kind of information he was going to attempt to extract from me.

So, what could have happened if I had cooperated?...

1.  He could have gotten enough information to perpetrate identify theft.
2.  He could have gained direct access to the files on my personal computer.
3.  He could have gotten an virus installed on my computer that could either transmit files or information from my computer, installed a keystroke tracker and gotten access to my online passwords, or installed software that would have used my computer as a host for invading other systems.

The lesson for all is to NEVER give out ANY information about your computer.  Never give someone remote access to your computer (unless you know them personally).  Never trust unsolicited calls inquiring about personal information, computer issues, banking, credit cards, etc.

I hope this post helps you to avoid these scams.  If you ever have a question about someone that is calling, use that as an indication that it is not a legitimate call and hang up!

Be well and have a great day.

Laura Barish

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