Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another wonderful client review...

Thanks to Gerri Beth Borga for this wonderful review...

Wow!! I am so, so, so happy to have found this wonderful place with it's outstanding people! Everyone goes above and beyond for the care, safety, health and happiness of the clients. Not only do we have their caregivers going to my parents home, my dad attends the memory center!! I have accompanied him on several occasions and it is a blast!! The clients are engaged, happy, active and safe!! A really wonderful program.

Honey bear is a beautiful white standard poodle who keeps the clients company as well. All in all, a well rounded, outstanding program!!
Thank you for all you do for my parents....and me!!

Laura some how always has the energy and finds the time to make that personal connection and check in with clients and family members. Not sure how she does it, but very, very much appreciated!! I am already looking forward to volunteering again!!!  Gerri Beth Borga, daughter of client