Saturday, March 21, 2015

Client Review - Lisa C (her dad comes to the Memory Center and is an in-home client)

Another wonderful AltaGolden review that was removed by Yelp.

AltaGolden's "Family" has been a God Send to myself and my siblings, but mostly my father.  My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, in 2013 with the begining stages of dementia .  My frustration was,  I needed a place for my Dad, that had programs designed to help him with his short term memory and keep him engaged.  I tried other Elderly "Day Cares", but they were noisy, crowded and the staff did nothing to help him with his memory nor assist him in activities.

Alta Golden Memory Center is staffed with people who greet him with a smile and hug every time we arrive.  They assist him with puzzles, games, exercises, music, art projects and even for a while helped him remember how to use a cell phone, all in a quiet relaxed atmosphere.  He feels safe here.

I also use their in home care several times a week.  This service has been invaluable for me as I also care for my own home and family.  For my father, it allows him to remain "independent" in his own home.  He has the same two care givers, whom he adores and looks forward to their "visits".  They work with him on word games, prepare his dinner, clean up, encourage him to take walks, listen to music together, and even do an occasional load of laundry.  If there is ever a question on what needs to be done they contact me.  I have tried other in home services, but the care givers sat and watched TV and snacked on my father's food.  Never engaging him or stimulating his mind.

If you are looking for a welcoming, safe and stimulating center and/or in-home care for your loved one with any type of memory disorder, this is the place.  You won't be sorry, you'll be as grateful as I am.