Saturday, March 21, 2015

Client Review - Christina K (support for aunt and uncle)

Another happy client...

My family contracted AltaGolden to provide services for my 82 year old aunt who has COPD.  She and my 83 year old uncle wanted to live independently as long as possible, but needed help with light housework, dealing with repairmen, driving to doctor's appointments, setting up their meds, etc. The caretaker that AltaGolden sent to help them was very personable and compassionate and took very good care of them both.  She soon came to be a trustworthy friend to them, which was very important later on as they became less independent.  My aunt and uncle were much more accepting of receiving additional help when it was coming from a caregiver that they knew and trusted to care for them.  After my aunt passed away, we continued to utilize AltaGolden's services with a caregiver to help my uncle with his everyday needs as well as provide him companionship when family members couldn't be there.  This helped him with his loneliness and grief in the loss of my aunt.

AltaGolden's services took a major load off of our family, since we all have busy lives and many important responsibilities.  We were comforted to know that our aunt and uncle were being well taken care of when we couldn't be there.  My uncle looks forward to his caregiver's arrival so much that we have increased her visits to everyday.  We are so fortunate and pleased to have found AltaGolden and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs elder care.