Saturday, March 21, 2015

Client Review - Anna S. (lives in a multi-level senior community)

This is a client review from someone we've worked with for several years.

I don't know what's wrong with Yelp. I wrote a review and they removed it so I'm writing one again. Hopefully they won't delete this one!!!

My name is Tilda and I'm an epidemiologist. I have both a Masters degree and PhD from Johns Hopkins.  The reason I'm telling you this is because I know what it means to be professional and do great work. I've been using AltaGolden for 5 years.  I believe they are the reason I am still alive.  Two years ago I had an internal bleed and almost died. The surgeon couldn't fix the bleed and I was put on hospice. Miraculously I survived but was told the recovery would be long and difficult. I was despondent and lost all will to live. I asked AltaGolden to provide me with caregivers to help me as I felt my only recourse was to let go.

AltaGolden provided me with exactly the help I wanted and needed--no more and no less.  Their caregivers were professional and caring. They provided me with support and companionship.  They helped ensure that I was surrounded by friends, that I always had soft music playing, and they massaged my arms and legs and encouraged me to live.  The result of all of this incredible support is that I chose to try to get better.  I signed myself off hospice, started back with physical therapy, regained my strength, and then moved back to my apartment.  Without their incredible support I would not be alive today.  Every step of the way they were kind, conscientious, professional, and caring.  I can't imaging a better company to have in my corner. My family and I are all extremely grateful for the efforts of this great company and their wonderful caregivers.  Since my recovery I have gone to London to watch my grandson be nominated for BAFTA awards, I went to New York to watch another grandson graduate from Medical School, and I went to Sacramento for a family reunion with all of my children and grandchildren.

None of this would have been possible without AltaGolden.