Saturday, March 21, 2015

Client Review - Eric H (we supported his dad)

The Short Version ~
Without hesitation I recommend Laura and Alta Golden for anything to do with adult care.  They did an amazing job with and for my dad.

The Gory Details ~
We have endured the loss of 3 family members over the last 18 months.  In August of 2013 we lost our sister to a bad driver.  Then, in July of 2014, we lost our dad's 2nd love-of-his-life after their 15-year relationship.  Dad had just returned from a month-long ordeal in a local, highly rated, skilled nursing facility (SNF - sniff).  That facility for dad was a "less-than" experience.  He came home completely bedridden, having gone in with the ability to walk with a cane.

We interviewed several in-home service providers and settled on Laura and her team.  They would be responsible for all of dad's daily care, maintenance, doctor visits, medications, meals, re-ambulation ~ everything.

At our insistence, they set-up 5 rotating in-home 24/7 caregivers; with the primary goal of re-ambulating him ASAP.  We knew his recovery/rehab was going to take a few months.  Dad had a vibrant and amazing mind - we did not want him to get bored with the same stories from the same person too quickly; or have a possible personality clash he would have to endure for a long period.

I spent quite a bit of time with dad and the AltaGolden team starting at the end of July, learning from, watching, and interacting with all of them.  The care and caring were evident; it was not just a show for me, it was clearly their modus operandi.

Dad had no loss of mental faculties - so he and I discussed his likes and dislikes about his situation and the individual caregivers.  He did state often that none of them could cook like mom or his 2nd life-partner - but, he respected them and appreciated what they did for him.

In late November, he had recovered a good portion of his ability to ambulate with a walker.  Thanks in large-part to AltaGolden -- and his drive to be self-sufficient again.  We gave the caregiver that weekend off.  He and I were headed out to dinner one evening and while getting in the car, I was not attentive enough, or close enough to catch him ~ he fell; breaking his hip.  The story of his health and efforts to recover again ended on January 21st, 2015, when he passed with me sitting by his side.

Throughout his decline after the fall and ongoing hospitalization, Laura and her team continued to help, be supportive, and present without requesting compensation of any kind.

Bottom Line ~
I consider Laura and members of her team extended family - they provided quality care to dad and peace of mind to our family; we trusted them in caring for dad and would do so again without hesitation.