Saturday, March 21, 2015

Client Review - Rick Y. (parents in their 90's living independently at home)

Yelp has pulled so many of our postings that I am going to put them here.  The next several posts are ones that are on Yelp.  This is one of several that Yelp has determined are "not recommended".

My family hired Alta Golden about a year and a half ago to provide care for my parents in their home for a few hours daily. Both my parents and us, their 2 sons, are extremely pleased with the choice we made. Our father is 96, blind, and, has Parkinson's.  Our mother is 93, has fibromyalgia, mild dementia and, is only partially mobile.  They were both fiercely   opposed to having anyone in the house to help them. After considerable prodding by us they finally relented to having help three to four hours a day.    That is when Alta Golden came into the picture. The owner, Laura Barish, is very caring and knowledgeable. She has sent two highly qualified people to care for my parents.  They shop, prepare meals and clean up, do laundry and light housework and keep an extremely careful watch on the medications taken by our parents.  They also take them to all their doctor's appointments and make certain that our parents follow the doctor's instructions to the letter. Laura, herself, will drop in and visit our folks to see how they are doing.  Through her, they have found a doctor willing to make house visits, making their life much easier, as getting out is traumatic for both of them.  They have had a few medical emergencies between them and Laura accompanied them to the hospital and followed up on them, advocating for them in the hospital when the doctors seemed slow to respond to their needs. In another case, the care giver went with them to the hospital and when back in the house stayed for two evenings to ensure their safety. All along, my brother and I were informed and consulted with by Laura and her staff about each step needed.  Most importantly, my parents are very satisfied with the attentive care they are given. All of us consider ourselves very fortunate for having found this gem.